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Ask the Expert: AI & Machine Learning in Life Sciences – Just Another Model?


We ask an expert in AI and ML why domain expertise is a critical part of the AI drug discovery equation.


We are an interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, computational biologists and chemists, and life science executives devoted to understanding the complexities of  human biology. PercayAI is reimagining the drug discovery process by providing truly innovative augmented intelligence software.

Percaya is a Bahasa Indonesian word meaning “believe” or “trust,” while AI refers to our “Augmented Intelligence” software products. Thus PercayAI (pronounced “per-chai-ah”) represents our promise to our customers that our AI tools are truly like nothing you have ever used before, delivering highly contextual results that you can trust.

PercayAI believes that the best partners serve their customers with integrity and it’s this culture of excellence and service that permeates everything that we do. We believe that our truly exceptional AI tools will serve our customers by magnifying the innate capability of your existing human capital.

PercayAI is dedicated to enhancing the patient's quality of life by delivering innovative augmented intelligence software that improves the speed, cost, and success rate of diagnostic and drug development.

PercayAI Software Plaform


Explore vast repositories of human biological knowledge to generate answers in minutes with the PercayAI platform. 


Using a unique integration of novel heuristics and machine learning, the platform saves researchers time and energy by enabling rapid generation of testable hypotheses from complex, omic and multi-omic data sets. The PercayAI software platform organizes and prioritizes relevant data in a highly contextual manner not possible with traditional tools – making your scientists even more informed about the biology driving  their research. 


Scientists can explore the entire biological landscape synthesized from their data within an intuitive, interactive 3D format that visually illustrates all information specific to your biological paradigm. Whether you’re looking for novel targets or MOA validation, the PercayAI platform can help your scientists at every stage of the drug development process. 


Developed by former Pfizer computational biologists at the Genome Technology Access Center (GTAC) at Washington University in St. Louis with funding from Kingdom Capital, our unique analytical model has trained for multiple years using data at GTAC across hundreds of labs and all types of biology. PercayAI exclusively licensed the software in 2019. 

Video: Abnormal Small Intestinal Epithelial Microvilli in Patients with Crohn's Disease. VanDussen KL, Stojmirovi A, Li K, Liu TC, Kimes PK, Muegge BD, Simpson KF, Ciorba MA, Perrigoue JG, Friedman JR, Towne JE, Head RD, Stappenbeck TS. Gastroenterology. 2018 Sep;155(3):815-828. doi: 10.1053/j.gastro.2018.05.028.Epub 2018 May 18


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